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MIP: The IP Implications of the US Taking Aim at China’s Tech Ambitions

SIPS’ patent partner, Erick Robinson, quoted in MIP’s article on “The IP implications of the US taking aim at China’s tech ambitions

The US’s FIRRMA and ECRA regulations and WesternGeco v ION Geophysical ruling will make Chinese tech acquisitions and tech export to China an uphill battle.

“Any acquisition of technology by a Chinese company will be shot down,” says Erick Robinson, partner at SIPS. “Even before FIRRMA, this has been happening but now it’ll be even worse.”

“The key is to define yourself as something not affected by FIRRMA,” says Robinson at SIPS. “It’ll be impossible for a companies in sectors such as semiconductors though.”

“I don’t think the case was a coincidence,” says Robinson. He believes that Chinese companies will be litigating more as they ask for more know-how and technology. “It’s another means for Chinese companies to make deals that they otherwise couldn’t get,” says Robinson. Settlements would be confidential though, being part of the negotiation process.