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INTA Service Award Issued to SIPS Founding Partner

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INTA issued its 2019 Service Award for the Advancement of Association Objectives to SIPS founder Joe Simone during the INTA Leadership Meeting in Austin on November 19, 2019.

In presenting the award, INTA President David Lossignol recognized Joe’s contributions in proactively identifying areas for attention and supporting committee efforts in advocating for improvements in IP legislation in China. “Mr. Simone’s contributions to INTA’s advocacy work in this fast-growing region are absolutely crucial,” he said. “His dedication to the Association has been unwavering. He brings fresh and unique ideas to the table, and we can always count on him for immediate and thorough consultation.”

In accepting the award, Joe said: “My work at INTA is integral to the work my firm does for its clients. The IP environment in China is challenging, and I’ve always maintained that getting results for clients requires the industry to be particularly active in policy work to ensure future laws and policies are more favorable. This award validates that approach.”

Joe has been active on INTA committee work since 1990, focusing mainly on legislative reforms, anti-counterfeiting and bad faith trademark registration.

Most recently, Joe chaired the Bad Faith Trademark Registration Task Force, which has sought to generate best practices for use by other INTA committees in advocacy work worldwide.  Joe has also assisted in the creation of a new task force focused on the use of accelerated arbitration (similar to UDRP) for the handling of IP disputes arising on online trade platforms.

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